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Fire up your grill, and get ready to enjoy cooking with fire. Prepare fabulous steaks, tasty chicken, succulent portobello mushrooms, finger-licking shrimp or melt-in-your mouth flaky salmon or tuna.

Add fresh vegetables grilled to perfection, and your friends and family will beg you for more! Enjoy a weenie roast in the park, be the brat grilling star at Octoberfest, become the reigning grill master in the RV park. You get the picture!

Now picture yourself or someone near and dear at the grill with an elegant all-stainless grill tool set. With extended brushed stainless handles and polished cooking surfaces, Home Solutions offers the grilling tool set with all the essentials. A spatula with a beveled leading-edge, tongs with gripping teeth and a fork are all you really need to be a grill master.

Take command of your grill with style when you crack open the compact yet luxe Home Solutions 3-piece barbecue set. When you’re finished grilling the day’s masterpiece, hand wash your grill tools set or toss it in the top rack of the dishwasher. With Home Solutions bbq grill tools, you don’t have to worry about destroying wooden handles or ruining the finish with hot water. Every piece is all stainless steel.

If you use your grill set often, you may prefer to hang your tools, rather than keeping them in the case. This three-piece set hangs easily. However, it’s just as simple to slide the pieces into the elastic loops in the case and fasten the gripping closers.

The important thing is that you really enjoy grilling early and often. It’s a great guarantee of regular fellowship and great times together with family and friends.

THE ESSENTIAL GRILLING SET: A spatula, tongs and a fork—all you really need to grill a great meal.

DURABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN: All stainless steel, this 3-piece grill set won’t chip, tarnish or rust.

STYLISH AND SAFE: Extended stainless handles add elegance AND keep your hands away from the flames.

FREE ALUMINUM CASE: Store or carry your grilling set safely. Strap in the tools, double latch and go. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE with Home Solution’s free replacement offer good for an entire year